Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Andrew Firestone and Jen Scheff


If two people can't find happiness on a reality show in front of millions of viewers, is there really hope for the rest of us?

Even though The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have plenty of wining, dining and romancing, the loving feelings often dissapate once the cameras are turned off. Ever since The Bachelor premiered in 2002, there have been 25 hopeful romantics who turned to ABC and Chris Harrison to find love. That's a lot of couples to keep track of, so we've put together this handy gallery of Bachelor and Bachelorette winners to act as a relationship scorecard of sorts.  

Who got engaged, only to break up months later? Who is still making it work? Who had a really ugly falling out? 

Find the answers in our Bachelor and Bachelorette: Who's Still Together? gallery!

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