Mariah Carey, Stevie Nicks, Nicki Minaj

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Stevie Nicks admits she should've gone her own way.

"I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj's behavior toward Mariah Carey which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews," the iconic Fleetwood Mac frontwoman said today after catching heat for saying she would have "walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there" if the hip-hop diva had confronted her the way she did Carey.

"It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said," Nicks added. "I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artists should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry."   

Nicks commented on the American Idol judges' little spat during an interview with The Daily to promote her new documentary, In Your Dreams.

The singer also said that she would not like to be a judge—but, even if she had to drag Lindsey Buckingham "kicking and screaming" with her, she would "absolutely" try out for Idol, The X Factor or The Voice if they were just getting started because "that's how you get seen these days."

Speaking of being protective of Mariah, meanwhile, Nick Cannon acknowledged on The View this morning that the security presence has been beefed up on the Idol set, but said that his wife isn't really that fearful for her safety.

"It's been sensationalized," Cannon said. "We see how dramatic it was...At this point, we want to take all the proper safety precautions, but I don't think we're worried at all...When you see something like that, people give you advice and say, 'Well, you should probably do this, you should probably do that.'

"I don't think it's as serious as everybody's makin' it. [The security just makes for] a safer environment, anyway."

As for the celebrity peanut gallery that doubted whether the drama was real or drummed up for publicity, Cannon said he believed it was real "to the extent that it actually happened...but, if you ask my opinion, I've produced tons of television and I don't know anybody who could stand with a camera phone right in front of the monitor and record it and nobody says anything."

"I don't really consider that a big feud," he added. "Y'all have it all the time, just nobody got their camera phone on!"

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