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Ah, don't you just love the smell of fresh scoop in the morning? 

Today, we've got some Private Practice romance dish for you to enjoy with your coffee, as well as intel on what's ahead on new shows such as Arrow, Chicago Fire and The Mindy Project.

If that's not enough to fill you up, we've also got details on which Happy Endings' character's same-sex ex is coming to town, a tease about a major Homeland shake-up and more in today's Spoiler Chat.

Lucas W.: Private Practice scoop! Will we see Charlotte & Cooper's babies before the end of the season?
We asked KaDee Strickland and Paul Adelstein the same question while visiting the set of Private Practice recently. "Cooper has always expressed interest in having children, even before he knew he already had one. And Charlotte has been adamant about not wanting them, so it's definitely going to be a little bit of conflict between them," Adelstein says. "He's feeling that [Charlotte is] showing herself as such a good mother [to Mason], so why wouldn't we add to this and have one of our own? So we'll see what happens." Strickland adds: "Cooper is ever the romantic, he always has ideas." Maybe one of those romantic ideas will eventually equal baby time on PP!

Deb: I feel like Marshall is getting the shaft on HIMYM. Does he have any good stuff coming up?
Does saving the world sound like "good stuff"? Of course it does! We were just on set at How I Met Your Mother to talk to Jason Segel while he shot a scene with guest star Joe Manganiello. They'll both be battling it out in the courtroom, but what's more important is what Segel told us about the episode. Earlier in the series it was revealed that Marshall saves the world through his lawyer-ing, and the episode they're currently filming will be setting that up. Marshall to the rescue!

Jess: I was into Chicago Fire last night! Anything you can tell me about what's coming up?
Told you the eye candy would not disappoint! Here is what creators Michael Brandt and Derek Haas teased: "Jesse Spencer is going to have a run in with a dirty cop and Taylor Kinney's going to have a plot reveal about who his roommate is, which will be interesting and unexpected." We will also meet Lauren's ex-girlfriend who will be played by Shiri Appleby. Oh, and of course there will be "more ramifications" to Darden's death. "It's an emotional cloud hanging over the house," said Brandt.


Pete in Miami: The first five minutes of American Horror Story did not disappoint! I need more info on the new season!
Ryan Murphy tweeted yesterday that Golden Globe winner Ian McShane will be guest starring on Asylum to "tussle" with Jessica Lange's character. If anyone can take on Mrs. Lange, it's the legendary Ian McShane.

Jen: Obsessed with Mindy Project! Can you tell me if Mindy and Danny will become a couple?
We have a couple you'll be more obsessed with on The Mindy Project. No, not Mindy and Jeremy. It's Danny and Jeremy! Those two are going to bro out hard in an upcoming episode. "We both go to the DMV together and we have an interesting experience," Chris Messina tells us. "My character has taken the test a bunch of times and can't seem to pass it." Ed Weeks will be there for a very different reason. "My character is sick of carrying his passport around to bars because it's very bulky." Jeremy has a shallow reason to hit up the DMV? Sounds about right.

Sarah: Less than week until Happy Endings returns and makes life worth living again. Scoop me, people!
Preach, sister-friend! It's time to meet an ex-lover of Jane's: Ryan, an attractive woman who makes Brad very uncomfortable. Ex-boyfriends he can handle. Ex-girlfriends? Not so much. In the same episode, we'll also meet Max's new roommate Chase, who has a little secret that causes him to go MIA for long periods of time. 

Joseph Lederer

Brenda H.: OMG. Obsessed with Arrow already!!! The pilot was fantastic. I love Katie Cassidy and want her with him. Will I get my wish?
Not for a while! Katie herself tells us that the past (of Oliver/Arrow cheating on her with her sister) is not something her character will easily get over. "I have two sisters and if that happened to me I would be like, 'No, no. I don't want to see you ever because I might kill you!!' Yeah, but I do think they will play around with that. I think…You can't help who you love and I think he is the love of her life. I think she tries to forgive and she tries to see the best in everyone, even him. I do feel like there will be this sort of Dawson-Joey kind of aspect to it." PS. Katie also admits she was a big Dawson's fan and loves the fact that (former Dawson's boss) Greg Berlanti is heading up her new show.

Cynthia: Homeland question! Jessica surprisingly isn't bothering me this season. Glad she is finally calling Brody out! Will this continue?
Awww, cut the woman some slack! But definitely agree that this is Jessica's season to shine and Morena Baccarin is fantastic in this Sunday's episode. Jessica delivers such a powerful speech at the charity event she throws, which Brody misses (he has his hands full with that Gettysburg bombmaker), it gave us chills. And Jess doesn't let Brody off the hook for being an absentee husband, either. You will be thoroughly impressed with Mrs. Nicholas Brody, trust. Anyone else ready for Uncle Mike to swoop in?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Taryn Ryder and Tierney Bricker

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