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So, Lindsay Lohan, you just had a fight with your mom that prompted your dad to call the cops. What are you doing to do next?!

We're guessing the answer isn't go to Disneyland.

But judging by a photo taken this morning of the actress and her mom, Dina Lohan, sharing a goodbye hug outside of Dina's Long Island, N.Y., home, their mother-daughter bond doesn't appear particularly broken—as an audio recording of their wee-hours altercation following a night out at a club might lead you to believe.

Per an audio recording obtained by TMZ, Lindsay called her father, Michael Lohan, while riding in a car with her mom at around 4 a.m. Her dad first asks what the driver's name is. (Michael later told E! News that Dina had her limo driver detain Lindsay against her will.)

"He's kidnapping you," Michael says, per the tape. 

Lindsay then says, "She's throwing your f--king kids out and she's threatening everyone in the car." She also claims that Dina is calling the cops on her and accuses her mom of being on cocaine.

Lindsay tells Michael she had asked her mom to return $40,000 she just gave her for a house payment and that's when Dina supposedly lost her temper, accusing Lindsay of giving her no help at all.

"She's full of s--t, she's lying to you," Michael is heard saying.

"Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck, and s--t," Lindsay then says, per the recording. "I'm supposed to go home and I'm afraid she's going to do the same s--t that I was describing to you, arrest me like she did to you."

Nassau County Police confirmed to E! News today that a verbal disagreement took place between Dina and Lindsay, but they found no evidence of criminal activity and no arrests were made.

"She said disgusting things to me," Lindsay also says in the recording, to which Michael replies, "She's horrible, Lindsay."

Lindsay adds, "She just said I'm dead to her, I'm dead to her now." The Liz & Dick star also says that she has a gash on her leg, but she doesn't respond when Michael asks if Dina put it there, only saying, "She's like the f--king devil right now."

From the look of this morning's photo, at least, a few hours of sleep did everybody good. Soon after, there was an as-yet unconfirmed Lohan sighting at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport.

"This is a family matter and we will not be commenting," Lindsay's rep, Steve Honig, tells E! News.

Meanwhile, the starlet is reportedly headed back to Los Angeles after a lengthy stay in New York to prep for her press tour for Liz & Dick, which premieres on Lifetime Nov. 25.

Then Lindsay tweeted to her mom and sis just this afternoon: "Enjoying some sugar free @drinkmrpink while traveling :) miss u @dinalohan @aliana."

—Additional reporting Katie Rhames

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