Dina Lohan House, Neon Man

Courtesy John Scalesi

Kinda obsessed with the Lindsay Lohan/Dina Lohan fight. What is that little neon man in all the paparazzi photos of Dina's house?

—Clever Kent, via Twitter

He may be the only witness who really knows what went down between Lilo and her mom in Long Island this morning. At first we thought that maybe the local Nassau County cops put it there, maybe as a message to the paps. But nope. Those little guys are common out there; residents often buy them to remind motorists to slow down in suburban areas. They cost about $22 and usually come with a flag, too. No word on whether Lilo may have absconded with it.

That's not the only question I've gotten from you all this week. Let's tackle some others.

Were Demi and Ashton ever legally married? Wouldn't it be pretty easy to find out if someone just looked in public records?
—James L., via Facebook

It's very easy to find out whether most people are married, but stars? Not necessarily. They often file for confidential marriage licenses with the Los Angeles County clerk's office. That said, there is some anecdotal evidence that Demi and Ashton are legally married.

How does Twitter make money? There's no ads like Facebook.
—Rosie G., via Twitter

But there are "promoted Tweets," a business model expected to bring in $259.9 million this year.

It seems that every new show states it's "The best new show!" Which new fall season show is actually the best?
—Ricardo R., via Facebook

According to our own clutch TV reporter Kristin Dos Santos, that honor belongs to Kevin Bacon's new serial killer show, The Following.

Is Barbra Streisand still a Democrat?
_ James L. via Facebook

Judging from her official site, sure looks like it.

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