Suburgatory, Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto

Our favorite father-daughter TV duo is finally back! Well, almost.

ABC's breakout comedy Suburgatory finally returns in a mere seven days to provide us with more big-comedy in a small-town…and some baby mama drama!

We got our hands on an exclusive clip from the premiere, which offers up more insight into George's (Jeremy Sisto) ex and Tessa (Jane Levy)'s mom…

After making a crack at her signature jacket's expense ("Still with the jacket? Sure you don't want me to get that dry-cleaned for you?"), George is thrilled (and dorks out completely) when Tessa asks if she can borrow his guitar. And while he is flattered when she says music is in her DNA, we learn in a voiceover that she was actually talking about her yet-to-be-seen mother, who will be played by Malin Akerman. Oh snap! (Does this mean we'll get to hear Malin perform on the show? Hell. Yes.)

Of course, George's BFF Noah (Alan Tudyk) stops by first to drop a joke or two ("Are you calling me out in front of my baby? Who calls a man out in front of his baby?"). Why? He needs help trying to poach one of Dallas's (Cheryl Hines) employees to help with the baby. In fact, their battle has gotten so heated, Dallas had to send Noah a cease and desist letter!

But our favorite part of the conversation is when Noah tells George to talk to his "girl" aka Dallas. How cute?!

Suburgatory returns Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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