Sons of Anarchy

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Last week, the Sons gave their final good-bye to Opie in what amounted to a mostly somber episode (that also included an intense girl fight scene).

But there was business being done, too: Nero and Jax entered into a partnership for an upscale escort service, but with a couple caveats—Nero must break up with Gemma (not because Jax has any kind of Mommy Issues though, right?) and Nero is allowed to stay out of all of Jax other business, because, presumably, he doesn't want to find himself caught up in anymore serious matters and consequently chopped up into a million little pieces, or something just as gruesome.

Moving Into the Companion Business: Now that Jax has a plan that he likes—one that involves the oldest profession on earth—it's time to tell the club. He speculated in advance that Clay would post an objection or six on account of their new business partner being the man sleeping with his wife, but nope. No problem there. Especially because that love connection has been trumped by Jax's business specifications.

Gemma Wants to Know Why Nero Hates Her: Gemma hasn't heard from Nero in four days because he's been keeping up his end of the deal with Jax. But that doesn't mean she doesn't miss her man. So she shows up at his old brothel where he's packing up, and asks him point blank what's up. Finally he spits out why he can't call her anymore: "I promised someone." And just like that, she knows it's Jax.

How to Blackmail a Large Man and Get the Warehouse Space You've Always Dreamed Of: So, the Sons are no stranger to blackmail, and they have an eye on one of the mayor's warehouse spaces. They approach the mayor and asked nicely for the space. But, surprise, surprise: He doesn't want the space used as a brothel. Shucks! But there's always Plan B: The mayor is heavily invested in a certain project, and needs a number of votes from a council to make it happen. The Sons have a solution: They burst into one of the council member's offices after drugging him with a pastry, and proceed to strip him, put a gag in his mouth, and a strategically place a drag queen on his lap. And then they take photos. Presto! That's how you buy votes. The Sons will mail photos of the man in his state of…incapacitation, and tell him that they'll ruin him if he doesn't vote for the mayor's plan. All for ideal real estate. OK, for the Sons, it's not just about the property—it's about being in business with the right people. And the whole thing works: The mayor ends up giving the Sons lease of the property.


"I realize that most of my day is spent picking up the damage of the day before." —Jax

"It's a little Irish discussion." —Clay

"Talk to me, asshole." —Gemma

"Is he dead? Cause I don't do dead." —Venus Van Dam

"Didn't your daddy ever tell you never to judge a book by its penis?" —Venus Van Dam

"I can't even sew up someone's ass." —Tara

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