Britney Spears, Fantasy Twist Ad, Rihanna, Nude Perfume Ad

Both Rihanna and Britney Spears unveiled bold print ads for their latest fragrances within days of each other, and they are not to be missed.

Hot on the heels of her recentChris Brown makeout session (and fallout), Rihanna tweeted the ad for her third fragrance, Nude over the weekend. The provocative still shows the sexy songbird as a platinum blond bombshell wearing a flesh-toned bra and not much else. The mood is coy, playful and uninhibited, as if she was in the middle of a glamorous bedroom romp. If there's one thing RiRi  thrives on, it's raising some eyebrows and this Twitpic did just that.

Meanwhile, Britney's fantasy twist campaign, a striking black and white image by Ellen von Unwerth captures the pop princess in two lights (blonde and glamorous vs. dark and edgy) to demonstrate her multi-faceted life in the spotlight. The split shot also speaks to the product, which is actually a combo package of her two previous scents (fantasy and MIDNIGHT fantasy) all wrapped into one sleek two-toned bottle. How's that for reinventing her image?

 So, tell us! Which fragrance campaign do you like better?

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