It never hurts to have Ellen DeGeneres in your corner.

Jennifer Livingston, the La Cross, Wis., news anchor who went viral when she called out a viewer for slamming her physique, has found out just how great it can be.

Airing tomorrow on Ellen, DeGeneres shot a faux promo for News 8's morning broadcast with Livingston and fill-in sports anchor Matthew Perry

Wait, what?!

"I don't want to talk about sports, I want to talk about Jen and Bill [coanchor Bill Graul]," began Perry, who also happens to be a guest on Ellen tomorrow. "You should watch them every weekday morning from 5 to 7 on News 8. Oh, and do I have time to mention my show, Go On?"

Apparently, he does. Back to you, Jen and Ellen.

After Livingston shared the promo love by reading off a slew of cities and times when you can watch Ellen every day, DeGeneres gave her guest one more thing to read off the prompter.

"This is very exciting," Livingston began, "because the winters in Wisconsin can be so cold and Ellen thinks I deserve a little break, and you are sending the Caribbean for a five-night stay?!"

Yup, she read that right.

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