Prince Lorenzo Borghese

ABC/Bob D'Amico

Breaking news! The Bachelor has actually produced a couple who are very much together and in love!

But get this: The bachelor isn't with the woman who got the final rose.

I'm talking about our dear "Prince" of the singles, Lorenzo Borghese, who starred in the most recent cycle of ABC's oddly addictive (I swear it still is—and don't ask me why) reality romp The Bachelor.

As you may remember, Prince LorBo chose Jennifer (the brunette school teacher) over Sadie (the blond publicist), but sources close to the show have now confirmed to me that LorBo has pulled a sly little switcheroo! I'm told Sadie and Lorenzo are very much an item, and she has been spotted all around New York City canoodling with the good prince. Word is, the two are going very strong—in fact, she's already met his family.

Truth told, according to sources, Jennifer and Lorenzo were not much of an item to begin with. Sources on set say the guy seemed entirely indifferent throughout much of the show's taping, and I'm told he didn't make a final decision until two hours before filming the finale. (Que romantico, no?) According to one source, "Jen and Lorenzo were never that into each other. And as soon as the show finished taping, they fizzled out."

Meanwhile, a high-placed Bachelor insider tells me there are no legal ramifications for a bachelor switching partners after the last rose is handed out. "The guys and girls can do whatever they want. The show relies on free will. All we ask is that they keep us informed."

So far, there's been no comment from ABC or the studio, Warner Bros.

4:15 Update: Just heard back from one of my favorite people in Hollywood, Mr. Rose-Holder himself, Bachelor host Chris Harrison! He tells me that he cannot say definitively whether Lorenzo and Sadie are dating, but that "Sadie has definitely moved to New York. And she and Lorenzo have definitely been going to dinner together, and hanging out together in New York."

You do the math!

Harrison also confirmed that Jennifer and Lorenzo have broken up and that, "I know he loved Sadie on the show." Delish!

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