Michael Vick


Michael Vick has a new dog. Or very bad snacks.

Long before Sunday's first kick-off, the Internet lit up with amateur online sleuths dissecting a photo that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick tweeted Thursday. In it, Vick (well, the back of what looks like Vick's head) and his daughter share a homework night around the dinner table, she with worksheets, daddy with an iPad watching game film.

But a sharp-eyed radio host in Philadelphia noticed that on the table was an open box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits.

Vick, of course, became among the most widely hated athletes in history with his arrest for running and participating in a barbaric dog-fighting ring in 2007. Vick served 21 months in prison before returning to the NFL in 2010 and being named Comeback Player of the Year.

He has since spent significant amounts of his own time and money advocating for anti-cruelty and anti-dog fighting campaigns, including lobbying for a federal law that would make just watching a fight a crime and bringing a child to one a felony.

Still, Vick remains a hated symbol to many and still draws venomous reaction whenever he appears in the public eye.

Minutes after the Milk-Bone tweet appeared, it was removed and replaced with a Milk-Bone-less picture, though Vick's daughter's notebook was still visible with what appear to be glued-on pictures of dogs on the cover.

Adding to the mystery is Vick's iPad, which appears blurred, as if someone didn't want a secret to get out. Whoops.

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