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The new season of American Horror Story is one of the biggest and most talked about mysteries on television right now...and not one single episode has aired yet! Genius.

Thankfully, we were able to squeeze some scoop out of one of the cast members who will be checked into Asylum. And if you're digging the newbies on Glee, you'll love a bit of info we just stumbled across. All that, plus scoop on New Girl, Homeland, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Eric: The new trailer for American Horror Story is so creepy, but I love it! Do you have any scoop for me?
We spoke to Clea Duvall, who is playing a pretty, bohemian lesbian character on season two of AHS, and rumor has it she'll be sharing lots of screen time with Sarah Paulson. "[This season] is crazy. Crazy in a good way. Ryan Murphy is such a genius," Duvall gushes to us. "It's going to be good. It's going to be so different. It's mind-blowing." When we asked her if she'd be doing any screaming in her scenes, she said no, but there was some "gasping" from her. Hmmm…

Orly: I'm loving Glee now because of the addition of Marley! Can you tell me what's coming up with her?
It's a good thing you love Marley so much because we're going to be getting to know her really well in the present, and in the past. That's right, Glee is planning a flashback to Marley's childhood (think 7 or 8 years old). So if you want to see more adorable mother-daughter moments with Marley, then you'll definitely want to stick around!

Megan from Boston: Last night's Homeland was INSANE—I can't believe Saul discovered the truth about Brody! What happens now? 
You—and we—hold on for dear life because the Oct. 14 episode of the Emmy-winning drama includes three—count 'em, three—more breakneck twists! One involves Brody, who shares a reluctant reunion (and road trip) with the tailor who made his suicide-bomber vest last season, and the other two are Carrie-centric. (Trust us: Claire Danes' performance in this episode will break. Your. Heart.) But first, Saul has to make it outta Beirut with Brody's videotaped confession—and trust us, there are peeps who are very determined not to let that happen.

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Brit in Playa del Rey, Calif.: Hit me with some New Girl spoilers!
The Thanksgiving episode might be one of our all time favorites, and we haven't even seen it yet! This opinion is just based on what Max Greenfield told us about it. He would not stop raving about the guest stars in the episode, like Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis, who will be playing Jess' parents. "When [Jamie Lee Curtis] shows up to set, she really shows up. She's a force," he gushes. "And Rob Riggle is playing Big Schmidt, Schmidt's cousin from Minnesota. All sorts of s--t happens. I literally cannot keep a straight face. I've ruined so much footage, it's unbelievable. He's the funniest man alive." We are now dying to eat some turkey with the New Girl gang this year.

Alexa: What's next for Snow and Charming on OUAT?! Please tell me they won't be getting new love interests!
Relax! It seems like the show's creators are more interested in exploring the relationship between the couple and their daughter than any prospective love interests. "There's a lot of challenges, in terms of this new relationship with their daughter. Rather than focusing on last season, where it was they didn't know who each other were and whether they'll get together and will we overcome the Kathryn of it all, this year it's a whole different set of challenges that this new familial relationship presents," Adam Horowitz explains. 

Meg: Any Revenge scoop? 
In episode eight, we'll get to see a very different Victoria: a flashback to when she was 16 years old! In the same episode, we'll meet Shiela, a working class mother who wants to join the upper ranks of society and uses her relationships with wealthy men to do it, even if it means neglecting her children. Hmmm...could they be related? 


Maddie: Any scoop on Haleb in PLL's Halloween episode?
Despite his bullet wound (Ouch!), Ashley Benson tells us Hanna and Caleb are "pretty swell. There's always trouble, but right now they're in a good spot." The same can't be said for Spencer and Toby, especially after it was revealed he's a member of the "A" Team. Benson says the girls will "definitely" start to get suspicious of Spencer's BF. "I mean, we don't really know what's going on, it's more Spencer," she clarifies. "But I think they'll start to figure things out."

Kennedy: Any 666 Park Avenue scoop? It's my new favorite show!
Look for the show's two leading ladies to spend a lot of time together in the next episode. "One of my favorite episodes is episode three. I do a lot of stuff with Olivia in that episode and we realize the darker force behind the Drake and behind Gavin Doran has probably cost Olivia something pretty significant as well," Rachael Taylor teases. "I definitely think it's an interesting relationship between Jane and Olivia because on one hand she feels like she can confide in Olivia and feels like she has to confide in somebody. But on the other hand, Every time Olivia pulls Jane closer, it always costs her in some way." 

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