Dexter Recap: Deb Reacts and Dexter Goes to Rehab

LaGuerta and Louis continue to be the thorns in the serial killer's side on the Showtime hit in season seven's second episode "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl"

By Tierney Bricker Oct 08, 2012 2:00 AMTags
Michael C. Hall, DexterRandy Tepper/Showtime

Following last week's doozy of a premiere, which happened to be the Showtime hit's highest-rated premiere evah (Holler!), Dexter continued to rock our sock off, thanks to the new Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) dynamic. 

Now that Deb finally knows the truth about her adopted brother, Dexter feels unpredictable, fresh and downright fun.

So how did Debra react to the reveal that Dexter is in fact a serial killer in "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl"? Find out now...

Deb's Remedy: After learning that her brother is in fact a serial killer, Deb has a pretty normal reaction: throwing up and then throwing a punch. But before that, she has some questions, like how old he was when he first started killing? 20. Are you the Bay Harbor Butcher? He's less forthcoming with that one, tipping her off that it's true. "I'm not OK. I'm never f--king going to be OK," she says. 

Though she says she thought about turning him in, Deb tells Dexter she loves him and that she wants to help him, believing he's still good. How? By being his shadow, being with him 24/7. Basically, she's going to try and do what their father Harry (James Remar) never tried to do: Stop his urges rather than channel them. Dexter decides to give "rehab" a shot and moves in with Deb.

While it initially seems like Dexter is just trying to placate her, he later follows her advice and calls her rather than kill Louis (Josh Cooke). It's a huge step for Dexter and possibly the beginning of "a new code," which includes being completely honest with Deb, but one questions whether or not he really can say goodbye to his dark passenger, especially after seeing a fellow (jailed) serial killer lose the battle (and throw himself in front of a bus in the process). 

Quinn Is in Like Flynn: One complaint we've always had when it came to Dexter? None of the characters, aside from Dexter and Deb, are compelling. This storyline with Quinn (Desmond Harrington), Nadia and the Russian mob just proves this point. Quinn, a cop, decides it's a good idea to get involved with a stripper. (Who didn't see this coming?) And following Victor's (Enver Gjokaj) disappearance (Dex killed him at the end of the premiere), the Russian mob's leader Isaac is coming to town looking for answers. We kind of don't care. (#sorrynotsorry)

Other Threats: After holding onto the blood slide she found at the church last week, LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) sent it to a private lab for confirmation that it was Travis' (Colin Hanks) blood. She's now convinced that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still at large and definitely was not her dear friend Sergeant Doakes. Sure, not much happened with this storyline in tonight's episode, but we're secretly hoping it means Dex might have to take out LaGuerta, who has felt unnecessary on the show for quite sometime, later in the season. 

The other thorn in Dexter's side, Louis, continues to be one of the most annoying characters on TV, and when Dexter finally confronts him, he offers up a ridiculous excuse: He's messing with Dex because he dissed his video game. Yeah, we're not picking up what he's putting down. (Is it bad that we kind of wished Dexter killed Louis rather than call Deb at the end of the episode?) 


"You gave it a name?" —Deb on Dexter's "Dark Passenger"

"I am the worst f--king detective in the world." —Deb

"I was ready to blow you." —Masuka (C.S. Lee)

"I could be your clinic." —Deb on helping Dexter

"Hope you got a big shower." —Dexter when Deb says they are going to be doing everything together

"You're a sick f--k, Dexter. Jesus Christ." —Deb when Dexter explains what the urge to kill feels like

"All this waiting around, it's like dating a born again Christian." —Masuka