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Everyone can agree that s'mores are, like, the best thing ever, right? But having to camp out in the woods with a Porta-Potty and a whistle in case the bears come? Not so much.

In spite of all that, Kevin Jonas is determined to take the Deleasa family camping on this week's episode of Married to Jonas, whether they like it or not. In part, it's to check off one of his bucket list items, but he and wifey Danielle Jonas also have some very big news to reveal.

Drumroll, please!


Pee Bucket: Here's a little known fact about being a Jonas: Sometimes you've got to pee. And, for the Jonas Brothers, sometimes nature calls while you're in the middle of a concert. Enter a bucket, on the side of the stage, to pee in.

Baby Bucket List: What is a Baby Bucket List, exactly? Well, for Kevin, it's a list to fulfill before you have a baby, and some of his to-dos include camping, a big family trip, going on tour with the JoBros and riding a jet ski. (Hey, Kev, can you add hanging with us to that list?)

Fake It: For momma Angela Deleasa, camping is her worst nightmare. Or, at least, one of them. And the only way to get out of a bad situation is to pretend that you have food poisoning from the camp food. (Actually, that's not a bad trick. We're gonna use that one!)

Big Announcement: Hmmm...what could the hubby and wifey possibly have to announce? It might not be what you expected to hear, but it is epic: Kevin is taking the Deleasas to Florence, Italy for a big family vacation! It'll be just like the Griswolds, except no theme parks or Chevy Chase. So, actually, it's not like the Griswolds at all. But it will be another item checked off of that baby bucket list!


"Bringing Dani camping is like a test to see how tough she is, if she can handle this, she can handle having a toddler."—Kevin

"There's a whistle over there, in case somebody's getting chased by a bear."—Bucky

"Going camping with my wife and those three girls…I would rather stand on a corner and allow people just to beat me senseless"—Bucky

"I don't know if Kevin realizes you probably shouldn't take an Italian family camping."—Dina

"My poor mom, all her kids sold her out."—Dani

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