Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey; FOX

The Internet has blessed us with many a bizarre video, and today is no exception. In fact, to really TGIF the weekend celebration in, today's clip might just be the most bizarre thing we have seen in a long while (or at least since Tuesday).

Sure, the original leaked footage of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's American Idol feud was totally bananas, but this animated "news" courtesy of Taiwan's Next Media Animation is bananas, apples, guavas and the whole grove combined. A Jamba Juice smoothie of bizarreness, if you will.

And it all culminates in, what the video eloquently refers to as, "a giant bootylicious catfight."

Ignore for a moment that Mariah actually fearing that a globally recognizable singer would shoot her during auditions (as Mimi reportedly told Barbara Walters)—or that American Idol is even worthy of begetting murder—is completely insane. And instead revel in the Taiwanese melodrama that's about as subtle as Minaj's trademark rainbow wigs.

Take for example, the section where the video claims "Mimi called Nicki a ghetto baby." Cue: A literal infant with a glock, busting a cap (as they say) in the emancipated Glitter star's aforementioned ass.

A moment only trumped by Nicki—who in the video seems to be channeling Marilyn Monroe by way of clown couture and your aunt's awful perm—delivering her should-be-signature cry of "Off with her head!" followed by, you guessed it, an Elizabethan beheading of Ms. Carey. Now, you don't see that every day.

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