Kate Winslet

Zenon Stefaniak/UPPA/ZUMAPRESS.com

Kate Winslet just turned 37, and unlike Leonardo DiCaprio, we never let go of the beautiful actress.

The Oscar winner has graced our movie screens with multiple blockbuster hits that remind us why we love Kate so much, but aside from her entertainment success, it turns out Winslet is a pretty awesome person.

In case you forgot, Winslet is a hero. Yup, a hero. 

In August 2011, Kate was vacationing at Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson's Caribbean home on Necker Island with her two children Mia, 10, and Joe, 7, when all of a sudden, it went up in flames! After putting on a bra (like a lady), Winslet helped everyone get to safety, so no one was injured.

As if that didn't make Winslet the coolest person ever, she was also honored by Queen Elizabeth II and named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE, which she said made her "very proud to be a Brit."

If those aren't enough reasons to go all out for your birthday, we don't know what is. 

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