Once Upon a Time


They're not in Storybrooke anymore!

Once Upon a Time viewers were left with their minds blown when Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) found themselves stuck in fairy-tale land, which we were led to believe was destroyed by the curse, at the end of the season two premiere.

So how long will they be hanging with Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sara Bolger)? And when will viewers learn who Henry's (Jared Gilmore) father is? We chatted with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis about the game-changing twist and what fans can expect...

"We're going to be in all three worlds. We are going to continue to do flashbacks, we are going to continue to be in the present day and we are going to continue to be in Storybrooke," Kitsis reveals of the show's structure now that present-day fairy tale land has been brought into the mix.

Horowitz continues, "It varies from week to week. Some weeks will be heavier, like you'll be in Storybrooke and the past and just a little bit in the present-day fairy-tale world. Some days it will be heavy in the present-day fairy-tale world and the past, and a little bit of Storybrooke."

While the duo wouldn't say how long Snow and Emma would be hanging out in the fairy-tale world, Kitsis teases, "They're on a quest to get back to Storybrooke and Charming (Josh Dallas) is on a quest to get them."

Magic's return to OUAT brought bittersweet reunions and a huge twist

Snow and Emma spent a lot of time together in season one (though they didn't know they were mother and daughter at the time), but Emma rarely shared scene with her father Charming. We were curious to know why Horowitz and Kitsis didn't send Charming to fairy tale land with Emma as a way to switch up the dynamics.

"Snow gave her up, so it was a mother going after the child, and what was interesting as well was that in the past year, Emma's acted like a big sister, but Snow White doesn't need a big sister," Kitsis explains. "She is the big sister, so now the relationship is they have to look at each other through new eyes."

Horowitz adds, "Everybody needs to get their moments in the family together. We're excited to see the mother-daughter stuff as the father-daughter stuff."

Looking forward, Kitsis teases that episode five, which is a backstory episode for Emma, is one of his favorite episodes of the season. "It's really great because you're going to see Emma before she had Henry, and I think that episode explains a lot about who she is."

Horowitz elaborates, "There's a lot of things about Emma's past that we hinted at last night season that we're excited to reveal this year, one of which being, who is Henry's father? Having the opportunity now to delve into her past is exciting, and Jen is awesome in that episode. It's one of those things now, being able to take the characters we all got to know the first season and hopefully deepen them and dig a little deeper."

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