Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Big Bird, Max Greenfield, New Girl

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This week in politics: The great debates (which you can get the gist of in just over two minutes if you weren't able to tune in). Oh, and Mitt Romney picked up some pals at New Girl while Barack Obama got an endorsement from 7-Eleven.

With election coverage focusing on the Denver showdown (or how much people did or didn't like Jim Lehrer, more likely), we rounded up all the other points where pop culture and politics converged this week.

And, of course, deciding who's winning...well, for now at least.

Mitt Romney Parody, Gangnam Style

Mitt Romney: GangnamNew Girl and One Very Pissed Off Puppet

Oppan...Romney Style?! In the continuing effort to Gangnam-ize absolutely everything, the GOP hopeful nabbed himself a parody of the popular viral video courtesy of CollegeHumor. The music video features a Mitt-lookalike dancing PSY's signature moves while talking economics and cooing, "Hey, wealthy ladies!"

At least he has KPop on his side, because he isn't earning any love from the street...well, Sesame Street at least. Surely you've caught wind of the comments Mitt made regarding the show's yellow and feathered star (he likes him) and PBS (adios, funding). Well Big Bird—via a gajillion online memes—wasn't going to go down without a fight.

And where last week's primetime slate featured Romney getting the thumbs up from The New Normal's Ellen Barkin, this week's comedies featured Mitt's famous family name working as a wingman to New Girl's beloved Schmidt (Max Greenfield). And while doing his best to play the part of a Romney son, he had some very kind things to say about papa Rom.

The Snoop Report: Rapper Snoop Doggor is it Snoop Lion these days?!instagrammed a NSFW list of reasons he will not be voting for Mitt, including "this muthaf--ka's name is Mitt" and "Bitch got a dancing horse."

Barack Obama: 20 Years, Convenience Cheers and Celebs Galore!

"Oh, thank heaven!" Obama surely thought this week, as he clinched the victory in 7-Eleven's 7-Election, which asked customers to select a red or blue coffee cup to show support for the candidate who will get their vote. Obama nabbed 60 percent of the votes—and the upcoming election, if the last three elections are any indication.

Meanwhile, in milestones: Obama earned some serious "Awws" this week when he celebrated his 20th anniversary with his wife, the fabulous FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Obama tweeted out their wedding pic (aww, adorable!) and took time at the debate to gush, "Twenty years ago I became the luckiest man on earth, because Michelle Obama agreed to marry me" (double awww!).

Other important women in Obama's life? The slew of famous faces that appeared in a recent campaign video for the Commander-in-Chief. Jane Lynch, Eva Longoria, Beyoncé Knowles, Julianne Moore, Julianna Margulies, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lopez and plenty more all speak out, with J.Lo saying it best: "Women will help decide this election."

The Snoop Report: Snoop continued his expletive-packed Instagram list of reasons with reasons he will be voting for Obama. So what are Barack's best qualities in Snoop's eyes? He "hugged Beyoncé before and sniffed her neck" and Snoop's seen him "hoop before and he got a jumper."

The Verdict: Obama. You don't ef with Big Bird. You just don't.

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