Top Ten Reasons We're Excited for the Return of Ice Love Coco on 10|28

1. Father and Son Bullie-Bonding

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

 In season two's finale Ice and Coco added a new member to their already overly adorable family – enter Maximus, son of Spartacus. We can't wait to witness every precious moment as Spartacus teaches his youthful companion the ins and outs of life as a bulldog in the T-household. The sheer excitement pouring out of Ice and Coco over their new "baby" has definitely got our metaphorical tails wagging!


2. Ice and Coco's Dream Home

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

When we last left Ice-T and Coco-T, the contractors of their new home were taking mysteriously longer than expected and Coco was not pleased. Ice, proving to be the Ying to Coco's Yang, calmed her down; explaining construction takes several months longer than you're told.

Now that some time has passed, we can't wait to drop in on the process and see how close they are to having the perfect home to raise a pair of bulldogs in.


3. A Healthy Coco!

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

Last season Coco was dealing with the dangers of stressed induced high blood pressure. Between her acting, fashion, and modeling careers, her duties as Spartacus' mommy, and maintaining the status of perfect wife to Ice-T, it's no wonder our girl needed to slow things down.

Thankfully, after making some adjustments to her life, Coco was given a clean bill of health, and we can't wait to see her spring back into action with this new lease on life.


4. More Baby Talk

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

One way or another, the subject of babies eventually finds its way into Ice and Coco's convos. Now that Coco's high blood pressure isn't holding them back, we hope they continue to explore the option of making a little-T.


5. The Puppies: Where Are They Now

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

Spartacus and his girlfriend Winnie had a litter of 6 puppies last season, five boys and one girl. We know Maximus is safe and sound with his dad at the T-residence, but what happened to the other five?! 

Let's hope the T's are planning a family reunion for Spartacus and Maximus, but more importantly that it's captured on tape for us to gush over.

We think Coco would agree the only thing better than two bulldogs in one room is eight bulldogs in one room.


5. Ice-T the Filmmaker

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

Ice-T is probably most regarded for his work as a rapper and an actor, but he's actually held just about every major job someone can in the music, film and television industries—pretty legit right?

In season two of Ice Loves Coco, we followed Ice to the Sundance Film Festival where he was making his directorial debut for the 2012 documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap. This year our hope is that the rapper-turned-director continues to venture behind the camera, and that we get to venture there with him.

6. More Offers for Coco

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

Last year Coco turned down the lead role in an action film because it meant being away from Ice for two months. But with the recent announcement of her filling in for Holly Madison in Las Vegas' Peepshow, perhaps she's figured out how to balance a demanding acting career with her home life. Let's hope so, because this season we want to see more opportunities for Coco to land on the big screen!


7. Coco the Fashion Designer

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

After a great deal of hard work Coco finally debuted her clothing line Licious at New York Fashion Week in September. And as Mrs. T put it on her blog, "I'm an official fashion designer! running with the big boys now!" We couldn't be happier for all of her success and we're excited to see the next steps for Licious on season 3.


8. Family Time

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

Sisters have a bond like no one else can, and Coco and Kristy are no exception. Kristy is Coco's confidant and biggest cheerleader; she is always there to lend an ear or the occasional Skype session. With Ice and his wifey as the godparents to Kristy's five children, we anticipate a trip to Arizona this year for more family time!


10. Ice Loving Coco

Ice Loves Coco Returns Top Ten ILC X11

At the end of the day what really excites us most for the return of Ice Loves Coco is the chance to share in the captivating love this cute pair has for one another. No matter what happens this season, as long as Ice loves Coco and Coco loves Ice, what more can we really ask for?

Ice Loves Coco returns to E! October 28 at 10:30/9:30 C

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