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Got your red Sharpie ready? We hope so, because we are doubling up on Revenge scoop today! Aren't we just too good to you guys?

We talked with Emily VanCamp about Revenge's second season, which will be filled with love triangles. And we're giving you guys more intel on tonight's big Glee episode. All that, plus Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Evelyn: Alright, what's with Aidan? Everyone is teasing Emily's new love interest, but who is he?
Girl, Team WWK is right there with you. We talked with Emily VanCamp to get more background on Aidan. "He has betrayed Emily at a certain point in her past, which you see, and then he comes back," Emily told us. "She's very resistant to have him back, but there's still so much love there, and such a depth to their relationship and such an understanding that it's really cool." Aidan's accent is swoon worthy, but we're not sold just yet. Just sayin'!

Rebecca: Dying for more Revenge scoop!
It's time to meet Nolan's ex-boyfriend! We already told you that the fan favorite will be entangled in a bisexual love triangle of his own later this season, and now we've got details on the guy coming into to stir up some drama in Nolan's new relationship with Padma. Smart, attractive and vulnerable, Lucas is a high-level exec at a tech start-up. While he's super savvy when it comes to his business, the same can't be said when it comes to love.



Claire H.: Your article about the Glee episode was a bummer! Tell me Will and Emma aren't one of the couples that break up!
We don't want to reveal the status of the couples before the episode, but we can tell you that Will and Emma only have one scene in "The Break Up," but it's a real doozy. And someone does end up storming out. Bonus scoop: All four couples get the most adorable flashback moments that will really make you choke up.

Gretchen: Please tell me we'll get some good Fitz and Olivia action in tonight's episode of Scandal?!
That phone call in the premiere episode? Not a one-time thing. Turns out, Fitz and Olivia have been having nightly phone calls, and we'll see three of them in tonight's episode. They're intense, to say the very least. "She's trying to stop him! My goodness!" Kerry Washington says of Olivia. "She's shoving him away. She's trying." Need more? The two will be in the same room at one point in the episode.

Sarah: Give a Vampire Diaries fan something to get me through one more week. Any scoop on Bonnie this season?
You're in luck! We just chatted with Kat Graham who said she's taking Elena's transformation "hard, like everyone." Kat added: "It's a transition time for everyone in the beginning of the season.  Bonnie is going to have to be put under a lot of pressure to make something happen, and she's going to have to rely on someone new to help her through that." Hmm...new love interest, perhaps?

Carole in Dallas: I've watched the Once Upon a Time premiere three times. Can you give me anything about season two?
We talked to Raphael Sbarge recently who teased there are "big plans ahead" in Storybrook. "There's a lot of confusion and sorting out the new order. As a therapist, I would say there is still going to be a lot of, 'Oh I didn't see that coming' this season," said Sbarge. "There is work I have to do to help some people, and I also have to sort some things out about how to deal with this new world order."

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Vincent: Really loving Modern Family so far this season. Anything you can share?
Gloria's family is coming to town! Viewers will meet her mother and sister later this season. While sis Sonia originally comes off as quiet and meek, she actually has a fiery temper and is kind of a Bitter Betty. Pilar, Gloria's mama, is tough and manipulative, stubborn and old-school. Yikes! And to answer your question, yes, they both have accents. The more the merrier, right?!

Miles: Pretty Little Liars scoop, maybe about the epic Halloween episode?
Ashley Benson warns us to fear "the box" in the Halloween episode, calling it "very terrifying." We're not sure what that means, but damn, are we curious! And yes, "A" will be making a visit. That, plus the idea of a terrifying box, makes our anticipation for the PLL Halloween episode shoot through the roof.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Taryn Ryder & John Boone

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