American Idol Judges

Adison Le; Jimmy Richardson

Smiles, everyone!

Though it was just yesterday when Nicki Minaj went on a cuss-filled rant aimed at fellow Idol judge Mariah Carey, the foursome appear to be back at work in North Carolina looking like nothing ever happened.

An eyewitness tells E! News all the Idol judges arrived for auditions in separate cars at about the same time this morning, save for Carey, who arrived a little later.

Keith Urban and Randy Jackson stopped to do some interviews outside the venue, and when Minaj arrived, she appeared to be in a good mood, acting very "sweet to the fans" and even posing for pictures.

Ten minutes after that, Carey arrived and waited a few minutes before getting out of the car. But when she did, she smiled and waved at fans before disappearing into the building.

Nice to know that after the "intense" exchange, as Ryan Seacrest described it, everyone was ready to get back to work.

Well, as they say, the (reality) show must go on.

—Reporting by Lindsey Caldwell

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