Tyler Perry, Alicia Day

Channel 2 Action News, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Tyler Perry is one do-gooding dude.

The 43-year-old Good Deeds filmmaker donated a new van to a disabled Georgia woman with cerebral palsy after Perry saw the report that her specially equipped vehicle was stolen outside Atlanta.

Alicia Day's stolen van story appeared on Atlanta's Channel 2 Action News, and immediately after the Monday broadcast, Perry called into the station, saying he wanted to give the woman a new car.

According to police, the 2000 Chrysler Town and Country van was stolen out of Day's driveway in Decatur sometime Sunday night.

Although Day is in a wheelchair, she does work as a part-time greeter at Home Depot. Before the media mogul stepped in with his generous gift, the family had no idea how they would get around to work or doctor's appointments.

"My mouth just dropped to the floor when I heard his voice," Day told WSB-TV of her response to Perry's call.

Talk about a sweet story to warm your heart mid-week!

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