Holly Madison

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Holly Madison's bikini days may be numbered.

Despite gushing that she's five months pregnant, the former Girls Next Door star was recently spotted sporting a tiny baby bump and an even tinier swimsuit. But she says she probably won't be rocking a two-piece into her third trimester:

 "I don't know! I feel like my belly's going to get so big the bottoms won't even stay on," Holly explained last night at the Just Dance 4 party presented by Ubisoft and held at Hollywood's Lexington Social House. "I'll probably switch to a one-piece."

Besides an impending switch in beachwear, the Playboy alumna reveals that all is going well with her first pregnancy (with beau Pasquale Rotella), saying, "It's actually easier than I thought. I haven't had any of the crazy side effects...No morning sickness or anything yet. So I've been lucky!"

As for cravings? Nothing bizarre for the mama-to-be so far: "I crave blueberries all the time," she told us. "So I'm making blueberry muffins and blueberry smoothies, so knock on wood my cravings stay healthy."

Holly teased that she knows what the sex of the baby is but isn't spilling (though she said she's "excited" and going to officially start shopping now). The couple even has names picked out, with Holly promising, "I definitely want a weird name. I don't want a baby name that is common. It has to be very rare."

Also very rare (at least by Hollywood standards) is how baby Madison-Rotella will come into the word...sans any video cameras! "I kind of want to go in a different direction," Holly shot us down when we asked if she would be documenting her pregnancy for a reality show.

As for giving birth on camera? "Probably not. And if so they would be banned from the waist up, definitely."

We assume you mean from the waist down, Holly, right? Or maybe not?

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