David Beckham


David Beckham's bod: the gift that keeps on giving.

And as a testament to our gratitude, we're currently in the process of writing a very kind thank-you note to H&M for their wonderful ad efforts for Becks' Bodywear for H&M underwear campaign.

Our fave abtastic dude debuted the line back in early February, and since it first hit stores, we've been lucky enough to see the 36-year-old hunk all tatted up and sexy in his skivvies and even immortalized as a big silver statue as he continues to promote the undies.

The latest swoonworthy shot comes straight from the set of Becks' most recent photo shoot in Beverly Hills Tuesday, and the soccer stud is all smiles as he runs around in his briefs, showing off his tan, tatted and toned bod.

We're not sure what the theme is for this particular shoot (or why he looks like he's running through a forest), but from the apparent lack of clothing, we highly doubt we'll be disappointed.

Perhaps the fashion conglomerate should consider providing a pic with your purchase?

Seems like a pretty solid sales tactic if ya ask us.

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