New Lone Ranger Trailer: Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer Handsomely Keep the Peace

Masked men try to tame the wild West in long-gestating action adventure, directed by Gore Verbinski

By Natalie Finn Oct 03, 2012 5:00 AMTags

The Lone Ranger rides again. 

Though, this time he's got Johnny Depp by his side, so you really can't blame us for giving Tonto more attention than he may be used to.

Armie Hammer, who plays the titular peacekeeper in The Lone Ranger, Disney's trouble-plagued update of the classic serial, brought the brand-new trailer with him on his visit to The Tonight Show Tuesday—and, so long as you're not a Clayton Moore purist, the sneak peek at the Gore Verbinski-directed adventure flick didn't disappoint.

There are galloping horses kicking up dust, speeding trains, swinging-door saloons, Helena Bonham Carter wearing 19th-century fashions and, of course, the wild, wild West—all of which is in danger of falling prey to treachery and no-good varmints unless our masked hero and his trusty, makeup-caked right-hand-man do something about it.

Which they will, with the help of more Matrix-style gunplay than they had in the 1950s. And, at one point, Tonto hitches a ride on the underside of one of those hell-bent trains. Hi-yo, hang on tight!

The Lone Ranger, also starring Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper and Ruth Wilson, is due in theaters July 3, 2013.