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It's time for the fallout, Sons of Anarchy fans.

Last week, we watched fan favorite Opie (Ryan Hurst) get beaten to a pulp by a bunch of captive thugs. And it's the real deal, too: He's really gone. Pope (Harold Perrineau) gave Jax (Charlie Hunnam) the opportunity to get out of jail with the Sons, but not unless some revenge was served, namely in the form of Jax watching one of his guys be beat to death. But Jax couldn't choose. That's when Opie essentially volunteered himself by punching a prison guard. And just like that, one of the show standbys —and Jax's best friend —is gone.

So what went down post-Opie's shocking death on the FX hit series? 


Everyone's Out Of Jail: After the Sons lockup, it's refreshing to see the guys back out on their bikes and, Jax reuniting with Tara (Maggie Siff)and his boys; but there's obviously a sadness hanging in the air, as Opie is no longer among their fleet. Gemma (Katey Sagal), too, found herself in jail after the police raided the whorehouse operated by her boyfriend. But her old "friend" Wendy bails her out of jail. And everyone is on the outside again. But now how to deal with Pope? Do the guys comply with his $50,000 payments, or blow him off? Jax is feeling cautious, obviously, after the death of his best friend. So the boys vote to pay Pope for the time being, and see how it goes.

The Brothel Is...Evicted: Because Gemma decided to show the woman messing around with her husband that she was in fact more of a punching bag than a prostitute, Nero's (Jimmy Smits) brothel is now facing eviction. After the prostitute was thoroughly whooped by Gemma, she called the cops. Needless to say, Nero's guys aren't pleased, seeing as how their place of employment is no longer in business, and they're out to seek some revenge on the poor gal whom they think called the vice. Jax and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) are tasked with finding and protecting her, as she is likely "doing privates" out of a hotel room in the area. Meanwhile, everyone forgot to tell Gemma that Opie is dead, so it's up to Clay (Ron Perlman) to break the news to her. She reacts about as horribly as you'd expect: ugly crying.

"I'll Need Her Thumb, and Her...": Jax and Chibs find Emma Jean (Ashley Tisdale), the prostitute who allegedly ratted on the brothel, just before Nero's boys arrive. How did they know where she was, anyway? Turns out the sour madam of the bordello, Dora, ratted out the girl, because, well, she's the sour madam of the now defunct bordello. So Nero's boys chase Jax, Chibs and the girl until the trio crash in the middle of a neighborhood filled with kids. The guys are able to talk Nero's boys out of killing them, but the angry men have one demand: Bring them one of the girl's thumbs. And, oh yeah, "a tit."

Nero and Jax: Friends With Benefits?: While the gang mourns the death of Opie, whose body now lies on display, Nero and Jax make a business deal. You see, Nero is on his knees because of his eviction, and Jax needs more money because of Pope, so why not collab? The deal is that Nero will act as booker of sorts for some high-priced adult-entertainers-by-day, hookers-by-night types, and Jax will give him access to them. And they'll split the winnings, 50-50. But there are a couple of important caveats: Nero gets to stay out of Jax's more nefarious business (he doesn't wanna get killed, see) and Nero? According to Jax, he's gotta break up with his mom, Gemma. And Jax doesn't say this because he has mommy issues, but because the situation there is also just a wee bit complicated. And the men shake on it.

RIP Opie, But First a Girl Fight: If you haven't noticed, Gemma can be manipulative. And in this episode, she does a swell job of convincing Tara that Nero's head prostitute Dora nearly killed Jax. Which sets up a kind of epic girl fight, in which Gemma attacks Dora, who is being held in the garage, and Tara finishes off the job. Dora leaves the shop bloody and beaten, and then in a sad scene the gang mourns. It's a bit of an awkward good-bye following such a brutal beating, but still a tear-filled funeral, if only because one of the shows mainstays is really gone.


"Yeah, or maybe they just realized I wasn't a whore." –Gemma

"I think Opie's been looking for a way out since Donna died. He hasn't been right since." –Jax

"What are you going to do when he's a teenager and he wants to know who his real mom is?" –Wendy

"Looks like that little skank you tapped ratted out to vice."–Gemma, to Clay

"Your need to be loved, worshiped and adored is a little low on my list today." –Jax

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