Hey late night talk show guest booking people (or whatever your official title is), we're about to make your job a heck of a lot easier: Book Rebel Wilson for every show ever. Even if she doesn't have anything to promote.

Because she's the best. We could list the reasons why but that could take an eternity (we have access to a thesaurus, after all) but why not just watch her appearance on last night's Tonight Show and discover why yourself.

Firstly, this quote: "They're like…well, she kinda looks like Adele," she told Jay Leno about the audition process for Pitch Perfect. Thus ensuring that the only thing we want for Christmas this year is an Adele-Rebel duet. "Breast voice" singing would never sound so sweet.

Secondly, her rendition of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" floors even Bryan Cranston. And that dude is a meth dealer (because you should believe everything you see on TV!) Who knew you could startle a meth dealer simply by kicking off your shoes in a flurry of musical theater flashiness?! Pay attention, martial arts students, this is real self defense.

And thricely, she's laughing at herself. So literally all of America (or at least the part that has even the meagerest sense of humor) is laughing with her, not at her. And we plan to do so tomorrow on Conan, maybe Ellen after that, the next day Chelsea Lately, you get the picture.

Make it happen, booker people. Meanwhile, we'll be watching this video on loop until Rebel's voice haunts our dreams. And then we'll giggle through our REM cycle too!

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