Melanie Griffith, Raising Hope


Fox is making comedy a family affair.
On Tuesday, Melanie Griffith and her mother, former Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren, will guest star on the premiere episode of the network's critically-acclaimed Raising Hope as Sabrina's (Shannon Woodward) wealthy mom and grandma respectively. Then, directly following at 8:30 pm, Dakota Johnson, Griffith's daughter with ex-husband Don Johnson, is back for the second episode of her promising new series, Ben and Kate, as the title's über-responsible single mom.

What's it like to have three generations of blond funny ladies not only sharing in the family business but dominating Fox's comedy line-up for a night? Watch the exclusive clip to find out! We dare you to watch the Oscar-nominated Griffith go all proud-mama-gushy over Johnson's skills and not say, "Awww."

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