Jenelle Evans Tattoo

This new ink is the cat's pajamas.

Jenelle Evans recently treated herself to a wild-looking tattoo—a leapin' leopard running from her hip down her thigh, which she couldn't resist showing off to her Twitter followers on Monday.

"Here's a good close up of my whole tattoo. I'm wearing my bathing suit bottoms so nobody freak out," tweeted the Teen Mom star.

No doubt the tat will go nicely with the leopard-print bikini bottom she sported in the close-up twitpic.

The 20-year-old Evans had the ink done at Wilmington, N.C.'s Hardwire Tattoo and took to Sulia to explain the feline design.

"Just recently I thought about it and got it! The Leopard itself represents how strong I am but no one knows and they underestimate my strength so that's why the leopard print fades away," the reality star wrote.

She added: "I'm so strong and no one sees, I guess no know one sees my strengths because I do it discretely.  It's very hard to explain my tattoo but I know what it means. I hope you guys understand, lol."

The trouble-prone MTV personality is already a big fan of body art, having gotten a back tat of a butterfly skull, a cherry tree on her back, a rose on her shoulder and the letter J on her neck.

The tattoo comes at a somewhat tumultuous time for Evans. She recently ended her on-again-off-again relationship with slacker boyfriend Kieffer Delp and less than two weeks ago was briefly hospitalized for a ruptured cyst.

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