Bitch Stole My Camo: Rihanna vs. Kanye West

Is deer hunter camo the next big trend? We hope not! But Rihanna and Kanye West's matching camouflage outfits are starting to make us wonder

By Leslie Gornstein Oct 01, 2012 7:58 PMTags
Rihanna, Kanye WestHall/Pena;; Alban Wyters/ABACA/

It may be tough, but take a long, hard stare at this photo and see if you can spot the wildlife. There are celebrities in there, we swear, keep staring.

OK, give up? Don't hate yourself. Camouflage, you understand, it tricks the eye and wreaks havoc on the brain. Let us help.

That's Rihanna on the left and Kanye West on the right, and if they're not on their way to a deer blind or militia meeting, then we're just as stumped about their motives as you are.

We know we've been complaining about the lack of color in this season's wardrobes, but not being seen at all? We're not sure that's an improvement.

Unless we're totally off the mark. What do you think, are you liking Ri-Ri or Yeezy's look best?


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