James Bond's Skyfall Sneak Peek: Watch 007 Daniel Craig Fight Underwater in New Preview

Spy film's latest action sequence is broken down in this preview

By John Boone Oct 01, 2012 5:50 PMTags

Like we even need to tell you that Daniel Craig will be kicking some serious bootay when he dons James Bond's signature suit for a third time in Skyfall (set to a killer soundtrack, provided by the newest Bond gal, Adele).

But this time he'll be duking it out...underwater! "It's quite a huge sequence with so many movie parts and so many elements. And this is just one beat of the action," first assistant director Michael Lerman reveals in this behind-the-scenes preview. "Daniel's pretty game for anything."

So how does Bond wind up beneath the surface of what looks to be some very chilly water? We'll have to wait until the latest installment hits theaters Nov. 9, but Lerman teases that fans will not be disappointed: "You need to raise the ante as the movie is going and this movie takes that to the next level."