Come on in, folks. This apartment is not a gateway to hell! No, sir.

OK, it totally is. But evil or not, we'll probably stick around to see how this whole soul-taking building plays out. Will you take up residence?

Lost alum Terry O'Quinn and former Desperate Housewives' star Vanessa Williams are pitch-perfect in their roles, and the supporting cast makes for an intriguing group of characters. Plus, Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor as the adorable new couple managing the building are the perfect duo to experience ABC's new supernatural drama through. Oh, and Robert Buckley is a creep in hipster glasses. A very cute creep, but still. 

It's spooky, it's mysterious, it's intriguing and it's sexy. 666 Park might have it all, but that's really up to you fine TV watchers. Vote in our poll below, and then tell us in the comments if 666 Park deserves an extended lease on your DVR

Save or Sink It: 666 Park
666 Park?
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