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The Emmy Award winning sweeping Homeland comes back tonight on Showtime! And if you aren't already excited for season two, well, we are here to help you out. (Also, you might want to check your vitals to make sure you are, in fact, still alive. Just a tip.)

Here are five scoopy (and not too spoilery) nuggets of info you need to know about tonight's Homeland premiere and what comes next!

Carrie comes home: Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) might not be part of the CIA, but she still has a connection. David Estes calls on Carrie because an asset she recruited in 2005 came back to life with important information. This sends Carrie to Beruit (FYI: The majority of the first two episodes were shot in Israel) to join Saul.

Brody is straddling the middle: Meanwhile, Nick Brody (Damian Lewis) can't figure out if he is Team Abu Nazir or Team America, so we are trying to figure that out with him. He doesn't want to be part of an attack on the US—which Nazir is planning—so he tries a nonviolent approach. Nazir isn't cool with this (obviously), so Nick Brody is more confused than ever. Don't you want to know how this interaction goes down?

Family man: You are going to dig the relationship between Nick and Dana even more in season two. Brody's daughter reveals a big secret, but somehow this brings them closer. If only Dana knew she talked her father off a bombing ledge months prior. Love these two together!

Brunette is the new Blonde: Carrie obviously helps out the CIA, but she needs to take on a new identity. Claire Danes proves that her Emmy was well deserved during season 2. You can't help but feel for Carrie as she struggles to remain calm and normal while helping the CIA on a specific mission.

Carrie and Brody are still a thing: Damian and Claire both dropped scoop to us about their strange love story, and it's clearly going to continue in season two. They both have a lot going on, but will interact soon, meet up, and the connection is still there. Dear God, how is it possible we are TEAM CARRIE? Why is this a thing?

Homeland premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime. We will be recapping the episode, so come back to E! Online to discuss!

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