MTV Movie Awards, Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Nikki Reed promises her house doesn't stink—even though she and her American Idol hubby Paul McDonald compost in their backyard.

"It doesn't smell at all," the Twilight beauty tells me. "It really doesn't. It's just worm doo-doo."

Composting, she says, is an easy and effective way to be green. "It's just soil and a plastic tub," Reed said. "I'm sure at the end of the day we waste plenty, but we do try to put as much of our food in there was possible."

How did the couple get turned out to the eco-friendly procedure? "It was during a trip to San Francisco," Reed said.

She hopes to her next big earthly endeavor will be the changing of her wheels.

"I'm not as major as I want to be," Reed said about going green. "I'm not perfect in that department. I feel bad because of the car I drive. I'm just too cheap to buy a new car. But when I do a buy something, it's going to be a better car."

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