Sons of Anarchy, Ryan Hurst

Prashant Gupta / FX

Sons of Anarchy is three-for-three in season five.

Three episodes into the FX hit's fifth season and we've already had three shocking moments, including the death of a fan favorite character (RIP, Opie!) and a father being forced to watch his daughter burn alive. (Not to mention the SoA-worthy real-life death scene of series regular Johnny Lewis this week.)  

Yeah, Charming sure does sound like a great place to live, no? 

Still, this isn't SOA's only season chock-full o' crazy: Season two saw the show's first big death when viewers said goodbye to Half-Sack—played by Lewis, who was recently found dead and is suspected of killing an elderly woman. And in season four, chili was ruined for us forever when a dismembered head was cooked into it. Thanks for saving us all those calories, Kurt Sutter!

Though most of the gallery is full of death, violence and bummer times, there is one OMG moment of the happy variety: An impromptu wedding...that took place at a brothel. 

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