Tonight, the weaves gloves come off when the Real Housewives of New Jersey gather together for the season four reunion special.

In part one of two (you didn't think there was only one episode of this Housewives madness, did you?), Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Kathy Walkie and Lauren Manzo gather with host Andy Cohen to talk about the most memorable moments of season four. But before they get a chance to dissect what went down between the Housewives, let's talk about our favorite moments from New Jersey's fourth season:

1. Joe Bad Mouths Teresa: During a group trip to Napa to celebrate Caroline's 50th birthday, Juicy Joe took time out from the revelry to take a "work" phone call, and proceeded to unleash some salty language about his table-flipping wife. "Here she comes, my b---h wife. She's such a c--t," Joe said as Teresa walked towards him. "I'm going to hang up." Then, when Teresa inquired whom he was talking to, he called her a "pain in the ass." At least that one was to her face.

2. Caroline Tears Up at Brother's Wedding: What's this? A moment of Housewives happiness? Hard to believe but it's true. In the June 10 episode, Caroline--who values family above all else., was front and center to support her brother, celeb chef and designer Jaime Laurita, as he married partner Rich Lane at their home outside Chicago. Caroline's heartfelt speech brought tears to the grooms' eyes--and ours.

3. Stripper-gate Exposed: Teresa had made the allegation before that her sister-in-law Melissa had once been a stripper, but the flames of scandal were reignited in the Sept. 16 episode. That's when, at the always drama-fueled Porsche fashion show, a guy claiming to be Melissa's former strip-club employer confronted Melissa with the allegations, and naturally, all hell broke loose. And naturally, Teresa was suspected of setting the whole thing up, which only further infuriated her fellow Housewives.


4. Teresa and Jacqueline's Epic Fight: In the June 17 episode, Teresa and Jacqueline had it out in a dramatic fight that fans won't soon forget. It all started innocently enough, with Jacqueline inviting her then-friend over for drinks and some sisterly support, given Teresa's headline-making troubles. But Teresa didn't respond well to the gesture and instead let Jacqueline have it and the real fireworks commenced. Suddenly, Teresa was calling Jacqueline "psycho" and Jacqueline was bringing up Teresa's Twitter exchanges with ex-Housewives villain Danielle—and there were some accusations about Teresa insulting sister-in-law Melissa (and plenty of bleeped-out swearing) thrown in for good measure. And that was before Caroline arrived to join in the fun! Jacqueline delivered the final blow (for then at least) by announcing that she was distancing herself from Teresa "for [her] health." She may have punctuated that comment with a kiss to Teresa's cheek but it was more like a kiss-off.

5. Joe and Teresa Get Down in the Dirt: The very same trip where Joe called his wife a "c--t" on the phone, Teresa attempted to seduce her hubby in among the grapes in the vineyard. It didn't go as smoothly as she probably wanted. And what made it less than romantic was the fact that everyone could peek through the vines and see everything that was happening. Was it an effort to bring attention to herself, or was Teresa truly in the mood? Either way, those are some images that'll be burned in our brains for quite some time.

What's your favorite moment from season four? Tell us in the comments, and we'll see you back here as we recap what will surely be an epic reunion special!

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