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Jaw, meet pavement. Sources are spilling scoop on one of our very favorite TV series of all time, and it is of the "Say whhhaaaaa...?" variety.

One of the hottest TV actresses around (on a popular, well-rated show) is taking a seriously dark turn this season, and I'm told this good girl is going bad. Real bad.

So much so that according to sources, she will kill a notable character—a living, breathing human being in her hometown, sometime in the first half of the season! And it is no accident.

The mind. Boggles. Seriously, when we got word of this our brains short-circuited. And we'll never look at this character the same way again.

So which female will take a walk on the dark side? Of course we can't reveal much more, so it's time to get your guessing on. This one is too big to name names.

I can tell you it isn't Rachel Berry. Or Meredith Grey. Or Emma Swan. As for the rest of the TV girls we love? Well, time for you to sleuth it out in the comments...

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