Grey's Anatomy: Why Did [Spoiler Alert] Have to Die? Insiders Spill Scoop

Exclusive! Find out why Eric Dane left the show, along with two other cast members

By Kristin Dos Santos Sep 28, 2012 4:59 AMTags
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Sob. Hiccup. Sob. Shake angry fists at the sky and scream, "Whhhhyyyyyyyy?"

Anyone feeling this reaction after watching tonight’s gut-wrenching episode of Grey’s Anatomy, in which yet another series regular was killed off?

Well, insiders close to the show have spilled a bit on the "why" part. But don’t you dare read if you don’t want to be spoiled!

It was McSteamy, aka Mark Sloane, aka Eric Dane who died tonight. And it was heartbreaking. The kind of heartbreaking where Shonda Rhimes basically rips out your heart and feeds it to you with a spoon. (On a scale of one to Denny it was a Denny-minus.)

So for you keeping count, that's three major castmember departures on Grey's Anatomy, including Lexie (Chyler Leigh), who died in the plane crash in May, and Teddy (Kim Raver), who moved away to another hospital.

So why all the exits?

According to insiders close to Grey's and ABC, the network requested budget tightening for the series going into the current season, and Rhimes was forced to cut down on the cast. "Some of the cuts were easy, and some weren't," according to one source.

According to show insiders, Chyler wanted to leave Grey's, and had been talking with Shonda for quite some time about a departure for Lexie. Raver, according to sources, would have preferred more screen time on Grey's, so the decision was somewhat mutual and Rhimes let her go with the possibility of a future series starring Raver. As for Dane, well, according to insiders, he did not ask to leave the show. However, before you Grey's fans get even more upset, please know that according to sources, there were "very legitimate reasons" for Shonda's decision to let him go.

Are you sorry to see Eric Dane go? Will you be watching Grey's this season? And holy bejesus, how about that Scandal premiere tonight?

All your thoughts are welcomed in the comments…

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