Johnny Lewis Death: Sons of Anarchy Actor Had Daughter, Was "Heartbroken" Over Custody Battle

Exclusive: Sources reveal to E! News that the late actor is survived by a young child

By Bruna Nessif, Melanie Bromley Sep 28, 2012 1:45 AMTags
Johnny LewisNeilson Barnard/Getty Images

Johnny Lewis may have been "delusional" or known to "have issues," but he was also a father. 

E! News confirms that the Sons of Anarchy actor, who died Wednesday and is suspected of killing his 81-year-old landlady, was also dealing with a custody battle over his child. 

His former alternative sentencing specialist Wendy Feldman tells E! News that, "Johnny had so many things…so sad. Custody battle, unemployed, mental illness and possibly going back to jail."

Feldman, who operates the website Notes From an Insider, also said that Lewis would speak of a daughter, "But what's the truth and what's not I don't know, when he spoke of his daughter he spoke of love."

E! News also spoke to Monty Fisher, a producer for Lewis' film 186 Days, who said, "He had a child. He was not married to the mother but he talked about his child. I can't remember if it was a son or daughter but he was definitely a dad. The child was a baby at the time we shoot the movie, in 2010."

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