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 A mere two minutes in to the third episode of Glee's fourth season, "Makeover," our hearts exploded with, well, glee and our pupils became heart-shaped.

Why, you ask? Because Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Freakin' Bradshaw aka the hot witch from Hocus Pocus aka Janey from Girls Just Want to Have Fun, made her highly anticipated debut as Kurt's (Chris Colfer) new Vogue editor-mentor Isabelle Kempt. She was, in a word, flawless. Obviously. 

Of course, other stuff happened, too, so let's get to it...

Pusher of Dreams: Kurt lands an internship with "Vogue's rogue" Isabelle thanks to his gallery of creative personal outfits...and his hippo brooch. (Isabelle is as encouraging as Kate Hudson's Cassandra July is punishing.)

After a meeting about new ways to wear leather (we give a big thumbs down to the undies, unmedicated Daphne!), Isabelle reveals her insecurity to Kurt: She doesn't think she deserves the job and is going to fail, just like she did when her fashion collection did. 

 After seeing what he could do with Rachel (we'll get to that later), his "best-dressed fairy godmother" tells him to consider pursuing fashion over Broadway and gives him more responsiblity after the Anna Wintour loves his makeover video. (Alas, while his professional life is flourishing, his romance with Blaine is suffering.)

Rachel's New Look: After Rachel (Lea Michele) is ragged on for her clothes at NYADA, she and Kurt use his new gig to their advantage; the duo decide to raid "the couture vault." Isabelle catches them breaking in, but doesn't mind because they had her at the word "makeover."  And makeover Rachel they did. Gone are the knee socks and reindeer sweaters, replaced by a sleek new wardrobe of pencil skirts and chic boots.

While Rachel likes her makeover, Brody (Dean Geyerloves it. "I like you," he tells her, saying her outside now matches what she's feeling inside. Homegirl is totally picking up what Brody's putting down. Cue cute montage of the two dueting and dancing all over NYC, iPhones and ice cream included.

Rachel attempts to cook for Brody (she asked him out!), but resorts to ordering pizza when she almost burns down her apartment. Their first date, set to "Moon River," is going really well. They laugh, exchange secrets and (cover your eyes, Finchel fans!) kiss. Of course, when should Finn (Cory Monteith) finally reappear, but at this exact moment! Love triangle, assemble!

Student Body: Blaine (Darren Criss), missing Kurt, feels like it's his time to shine and decides the best way to do it is by signing up for every extracurricular activity offered at McKinley. (Um, can we join the Superhero Sidekick Club, please? #onestepclosetoHawkeye) The loneliness leads him to run against Brittany for senior class prez. 

When Brittany (Heather Morris) chooses Artie (Kevin McHale) as her running mate (gotta get the ever-important robot vote!), Sam (Chord Overstreet) becomes Blaine's VP (for the equally as important "poor" and "not-gay" votes, per Sam). To prepare for the debate, Artie schools Brittany, while Blaine makeovers Sam, both trying to turn the blonde ones into serious candidates.

"The pimp and the gimp" aka Artie and Sam battle first. While Artie drones on and on (and on), Sam decides to let his six pack speak for him. Next up are Blaine and Brittany, where he attacks her tyrant-like banning of bowties last season. Brittany's tactic? L-O-V-E, y'all! Oh, and banning weekends. The winners? "Blam!" (Anyone else pick up some flirty vibes between Britt and Sam? Uh-oh!)


"This is New York, it's for dreamers…you should dream. You should dream very, very big and then you should do everything in your power to make it happen."Isabelle, giving us some major Carrie Bradshaw vibes. Le sigh.

"The only time we're really in sync is when we're hate-watching Treme together."Blaine, on what he and Kurt do together. 

"We did?"—Brittany, to Artie, when he points out that they dated

"I'd like to know if anyone has proof that Blaine was actually born in this country?"Brittany

"I didn't know Lena Dunham was joining us today."Black Swan, on Rachel's outfit

"I'm Wolverine!"—New BFFs Sam and Blaine

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