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What's that you're saying, Gossip Girl fans? Even though we dropped some mad spoilers on the season-six premiere, you still want more scoop? Yeah, that's what we thought you were saying.

Lucky for you guys, we're in a giving mood, so we're going to dish out some info on the second episode of Gossip Girl's final season. And we talked to Glee's Lea Michele about her lack of filming with another castmember, which might cause a certain fanbase make a frowny face. All that, plus scoop on Scandal, Dexter, Last Resort and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Willa: Should Finchel fans be worried about Glee's breakup episode?
We'd say fans of every Glee couple should be at the very least cautious of next week's episode. But Lea Michele told us at Glee's premiere party that she was going to go visit boyfriend Cory Monteith on set later that night, and she complained about not seeing him that often. Probably because Finn and Rachel's scenes together are few and far between, but that's just speculation. Now for some bonus scoop! When we asked Michele if there were any guest stars she wants on the show, she only said this: "I've heard some rumors and all I can say is they make me very happy." Who could it be?!

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Rebecca: So dang happy to see Ben Covington back on Last Resort! The show is awesome. Wondering though. Will Scott Speedman's new role be like Ben or will he ever crack a smile?
We asked Scott if his character is broody like Ben and he laughed and replied: "There definitely will be some brooding! Yeah, there will be some more brooding that is happening. I'm brooding right now just thinking about it." That clear things up? From what I've seen his character won't be in a happy place for a while, and he'll definitely be missing his wifey.

Wrightst3: Do Chuck and Blair have a lot of interaction in 602?
The Gossip Girl fan favorite couple doesn't spend too much time together in the second episode of the final season, as Blair's busy trying to run her mom's company and Chuck is off dealing with the worst father ever, but they do share one scene. Fans will be happy to know that the one scene does solidify how serious the two are about each other...and how much they've grown.

Shania: So excited for the new season of Dexter. Can I please get scoop on the new season?
Because you used the word "please," we will share one more piece of nugget about the season finale of Dexter. First of all, let us remind you that the title of the finale is "Surprise, Motherf--ker!" which always needs repeating. And perhaps that quote comes from something that happens at the end of a countdown...a countdown that happens on New Year's Eve? Yes, the season finale will take place on the final day of the year. Quite the dramatic setting, hmmm?

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BICIADE: anything about Emma and her daddy in OUAT season 2?
Break out the tissues because Emma's reunion with her parents, aka Snow White and Prince Charming, will definitely bring on the waterworks. At least at first. Turns out, Emma is kind of resentful over them sending her away, even if it was to save her from the curse. As for David, he'll be spending a lot of time with his grandson, Henry, in season two.

Angela in Detroit: The Scandal premiere was soooo good! I need scoop on the rest of the season!!!
According to castmember Columbus Short, you'd better get those oxygen tanks ready. "If you saw season one, it's going to be bigger, faster, more dramatic, more scandalous, more by the seat of your pants," he tells us. "Every scene you're going to be like [gasps for air]. Just be prepared to be short of breath." As for his character Harrison, Short says that he'll be developing into something very "interesting," in his own words. "Harrison is kind of evolving into this all-seeing, all-knowing type of character and it is pretty cool," he says. "[He's] one of the most dynamic characters I think I've played in my career."

Julia in Atlanta: Loving the twist that Revolution's Rachel is alive! What's next for her?
We're loving it, too! As fans saw at the end of last week's episode, Charlie's presumed-dead mama is actually being held captive by militia-man Monroe. And, according to Elizabeth Mitchell herself, upcoming episodes will find Rachel doing "anything to survive. The things she does will get you going. You'll be like, 'Noooooo!' Honestly, every day I go to work and I'm like, 'Don't judge her.'" But wait—there's more! "Right now, my poor character's hiding half or maybe even 3/4 of who she is," Mitchell tells us, "but there's little glimmers of wicked in there. She may actually end up turning evil. I mean, she certainly has cause." And what if Rachel does end up going down that dark path?  Says Mitchell, "I'd be totally on board with that!"

Miranda Penn Turin/FOX

Michelle: I have a fever and the only prescription is more Lydia on Teen Wolf next season!
Remember how the show kind of hinted that Lydia might be the cure to lycanthropy? "We didn't delve into it too deeply this season, but it may come back as a plot thread next season," Jeff Davis explains. "One of the things I don't like to do with supernatural stories is once you start talking about like, is it in their blood or their DNA? Then you start getting into the science of it. I don't want to see test tubes and syringes showing up because that takes the wonder out of it for me."

Jennifer in Denver: The Ben and Kate premiere was hilarious! Is it true that the very hot Geoff Stults will soon be guest starring?
It is indeed! The Finder alum is joining Fox's promising new comedy in a recurring role as a single dad who becomes a love interest for single-mom Kate. But not everybody will be thrilled for the new couple, according to Nat Faxon, who plays Kate's bro, Ben. "He's a protective older brother," Faxon explains. "Ben wants what any brother would, which is to make sure that his sister is in good hands and that the guy's not gonna screw her over. [So] he's making sure the guy checks out. I appreciate that because it feels very true, very real." Look for Stults to make his first appearance in Ben and Kate's Halloween episode, which airs Oct. 30.

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