New Details in Bizarre Sons of Anarchy Murder Case: Johnny Lewis Autopsy Planned, Dead Cat Found

Star is suspected of killing elderly lady from whom he rented a room before falling to death from the house's roof

By Baker Machado, Alexis L. Loinaz Sep 27, 2012 7:15 PMTags
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Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis died Wednesday in Los Angeles after plummeting from the roof of a house where he rented a room. But in a grisly turn of events, the home's 81-year-old owner was found dead inside, and police say the 28-year-old star is suspected of killing her.

Now more details are beginning to emerge about Lewis, homeowner Catherine Davis and what may have transpired.

At a press conference Thursday, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said that there was an altercation between Lewis and Davis, but did not provide further details on specifically where Davis' body was found or how she was slain. [UPDATE 3:45 P.M. PT: The LAPD and coroner have announced that Davis died of "blunt-force trauma and manual strangulation."]

Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis found dead, suspected of killing elderly woman

Smith did indicate that at the time of the incident "nobody else was in the house," which Davis had purportedly owned for "decades."

Police could not confirm whether drugs or alcohol played a part in the case, but said that Lewis died from his fall from the rooftop. He also declined to discuss Lewis' criminal history.

No witnesses or suspects have been named thus far, but Smith confirmed that a dead cat was also found in the house.

Meanwhile, L.A. County Assistant Coroner Ed Winter tells E! News that an autopsy is scheduled for later today.

"We do have his body and the autopsy is scheduled for today," said Winter. "We do not have his cause of death and will not have any information as to what was in his system." Authorities expect those results in about two weeks.