Britney Spears, Ann Wilson

Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Mark Davis/Getty Images

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Are we the only people on earth who think this dress is a bad idea?

Who would believe that the second it leaves the Ents on the runway and makes contact with real human DNA, it morphs into a mean blue-and-orange sack of Can't Win?

Because, look, there is nothing wrong with Britney Spears' figure. It sings and dances and keeps millions of people mildly entertained every week on X Factor. And yet this dress clearly, clearly hates her. Or, at least hates her torso—it gave her a muffin top she probably doesn't even have.

And yet, behold, another star has worn the same McCartney. The dress seems a little happier on Heart vocalist Nancy Wilson than it does on Brit-Brit, at least around the middle, but we still don't think the rocker is winning the battle with this garment. Unless being eaten whole is part of Wilson's tactical push.

What do you think? Who, if anyone, wore this dress better?

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