We start on a somber note with the unusual circumstances surrounding Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis' death. E! News reporter Baker Machado brings us the latest live from the scene. 

Moving on to TV news, Kristin Dos Santos has the scoop on Dancing With the Stars, Mindy Kaling's new show and why people just aren't watching The Office anymore.

Plus Samuel L. Jackson has decided to forgo the usual pleasantries of political ads (you know—someone walking through a field of daisies talking about the budget) and has just released his "Wake the F*** Up!" endorsement vid for President Barack Obama (in parody of Jackson's own audio recording of the hit faux-children's book Go the F--k to Sleep that went viral last year).

Jason, Ken and Kristin discuss the in-your-face ad, and whether or not Obama approved of the obscenities.

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