Daniel Radcliffe Parties With Dublin Minor Football Team

Harry Potter star let loose at a house party with the athletes Monday

By Brandi Fowler Sep 27, 2012 4:04 AMTags
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Now this is the way to celebrate a big win.

Shortly after winning the All-Ireland football championship Sunday, the Dublin Minors found themselves in the company of one pretty big star while they were partying the night away post-event.

So, how exactly did Daniel Radcliffe end up hanging out with the athletes until the wee hours of the morning at a house party? 

The Harry Potter star, who is in Ireland filming The F Word, struck up a conversation with three of the teammates on Grafton Street at 3 a.m. on Monday, one player told the Belfast Telegraph.

"We thought he was a fan from England who had come over for the game," Dublin defender Conor Mulally said. "He was small enough and wearing a cap for a disguise, so we just didn't recognize him at first. Then it suddenly hit us who it was—Daniel Radcliffe was standing beside us. We kept talking for ages and he asked for the Irish experience."

"He was stone cold sober, being an absolute gent about it," Mulally said in a radio interview with FM104.

After their convo, Radcliffe and the players took off on foot to a house in Dundrum for some late night/early morning festivities. After a few passersby noticed Radcliffe—the athletes brushed it off by joking that their new mate just looked like the A-lister—the group decided to cab it the rest of the way.  

"He realized he didn't have any money on him…and we had to pay for his taxi," Mulally continued. "We ran up to the door to tell [the other teammates] he was there and you should've seen the look on their faces."

Radcliffe, who said he had to be back on set at 8 a.m., stayed at the house for about "an hour and a half." And when it was time to call it a night? The players had pony up cab fare again, but it sounds like the actor will have a chance to pay his new friends back.

Daniel Radcliffe gets boozy in a music video!

"He said he was really enjoying Dublin and would like to go out with us again. Then he asked for all of our numbers."

The footballer described Radcliffe as "a really nice lad" and jokingly agreed when the radio hosts called the actor the team's "celebrity lucky mascot."

Talk about a magical night!

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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