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How are all you TV fans enjoying premiere week? It's a lot of storylines, character introductions and romance progression coming at you all at once, right? Well, you'd better man (or woman) up and get it together, but we've got even more TV info for you!

A Vampire Diaries star shares with us her take on a certain character's journey during the new season, while Lena Dunham lets us in a on a secret about an upcoming Girls guest star. All that, plus scoop on The Office, New Girl, Once Upon a Time and more in today's Spoiler Chat: 

Corey in Indianapolis: Don't get me wrong, I love hearing about Elena, Damon and Stefan. I really want something on Jeremy though!
Kat Graham talked to us about Jeremy's situation in TVD's fourth season, and it sounds like he's got a big journey ahead. "Jeremy is going to be becoming something new that I think the fans will really like," she tells us mysteriously. Is there a chance he could become Bonnie's boo again? "You get to see them have some scenes together in the first episode, which is really cool, and we've had a lot of scenes since," she reveals. "[But] I think it's yet to be determined. I think it was such a heartbreak for the character when she discovered that he was having an affair with a ghost. She's got a lot of mending and healing to do. So she might give him another chance, or she might think that friendship is really where they should remain." 

Jacqui: Girls, Girls, Girls!
Have you heard Community's Donald Glover is guest-starring in season two? Since we're huge Greendale fans, we had to ask Lena Dunham for any info on Glover's secretive role. "I will tell you this: You will find out in the first episode, first off, who Donald Glover plays," she teases. "But I guess I would say he is a rival with Adam for Hannah's affections." Lucky girl!

Lisa W.: This is the last season for Office scoop, so give it up!
We don't "give it up" unless you buy us dinner first. Or at least a drink. OK, we'll take sharing a bag of Pop Chips. Anyway, onward to scoopville. We caught up with Ellie Kemper to talk about the farewell season, and she told us that it's a pretty exciting time for Erin, especially when it comes to her relationship with Andy. "I don't want to give anything away, but I do think we'll see a bit more of Erin becoming more self-aware and learning more about herself, as it were," she tells us. And as for her professional life, Kemper thinks it's overdue that Erin really step out from behind the desk. "I think it would be smart for her to at least acquire something else going on in her life," she teases.

Lana Parrilla, Once Upon a Time


StorybrookeMirror: Any scoop on Once Upon A Time?  September 30th is not arriving fast enough!
Emma better watch her back because Regina is definitely going to be trying (hard) to win Henry back in season two. "It is heartbreaking because, as we saw in the season finale, she pretty much lost her son. And her final words to him were, 'No matter what anyone tells you, know that I do love you,'" Lana Parrilla explains. "And this season is about her redemption and trying to get her son back.

Jackie in Canton, Ohio: Modern Family is back! Scoop on the upcoming season?
"Well, with the season three shocker of Gloria being pregnant, we're going to deal with a lot of stuff like that," Rico Rodriguez tells us. "Like how Manny takes it, how Jay takes it and how they basically try and take care of Sofia being pregnant. It's basically two old men taking care of Sofia!" That is every old man's (and young man's) dream! 

Amy from Oz: I can't take Schmidt and Cece not being together on New Girl! Please tell me you have good news about my favorite pairing coming my way!!
We do hear whispers that they will find each other again before the season is over, but whether that's as friends or something more remains to be seen. And Schmidt could probably use some TLC after the Thanksgiving episode, because his cousin, called Big Schmidt, is coming to visit and they'll partake in a manliness competition. Why is he called Big Schmidt? Oh, because he's an ex-marine! Something tells us that Schmidt will lose this contest...big time. 


Nino Munoz/NBC

KT: I'm loving Revolution...although I have to keep fighting the urge to blurt out "Holy Cow! Check out Bella's Dad totally kicking ass!" What are its chances for sticking around long enough for us to find out why the power went out?
We're loving it too, KT, which is why it pleases us to share with you that Revolution has been kicking ass in the TV ratings just like its resident anti-hero Miles. Eric Kripke's new show landed 9.3 million viewers and was number one in the very important adults18-49 demo in its timeslot. As for the whole power sitch, we're hearing the show is more interested in turning them back on, rather than finding out how they went out (which we will learn, by the way).

ReddinGW11: I sorta dug last night's Animal Practice and the chemistry between Justin Kirk and Joanna Garcia Swisher. Any idea if they'll get together? Or if we get the backstory? They are cute together.
Justin Kirk
tells us: "I believe that JoAnna's character walked out on me on some level and I think that people that broke up with you in your life or broke your heart, or whatever the case may be, they kind of own you forever. You spend the rest of your life trying to fix it or trying to show them how wrong they were. So I think that will be some element of it. Me trying to win her back."

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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