Fiona Apple

You might say Fiona Apple regrets her allegedly criminal behavior.

Just days after ranting about her drug bust at a Houston concert, the chanteuse offered up a new diatribe at her show at the House of Blues in New Orleans Tuesday night—though this time it wasn't without remorse.

"I just wanna say to [fellow musician] Charlie Dayton, who made this record with me, I'm sorry all our hard work is being overshadowed by this bulls--t," quoted Apple telling the crowd as soon as she walked onstage and just before she launched into her set.

Of course, the angst-ridden crooner is no doubt referring to the Sept. 19 arrest at a border checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, when a drug-sniffing dog sussed out marijuana and hashish on her tour bus. After admitting it was hers, Apple was arrested and spent the night behind bars before being bailed out on $10,000 bond. She now likely faces misdemeanor possession charges.

However at her Houston gig over the weekend, Fiona complained to her fans that cops mistreated her and, as a result, she kept a written record of the alleged abuses in a "lock box" to possibly use against them in the future.

That prompted a scathing reply from Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department spokesman Rusty Fleming, who challenged her to file a complaint if she suspected wrongdoing and then told her to "just shut and sing."

However, based on Apple's remarks at last night's performance, the lock box appears to be a figment of her vivid imagination.

"And there's no f--king lock box," she added. "I am no that f--ked up."

The singer then kicked off her 1999 hit "Fast As You Can," which features, appropriately enough, the line "You think you know crazy, how crazy I am."

Well said, Fiona.

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