It was a very PSA-type day on Live From E! as Jason Kennedy, Ashlan Gorse and Melanie Bromley gave us the rundown on body image, why we shouldn't smoke pot (thanks, guys!) and the benefits of electronic cigarettes (catch that last part, LiLo?!)

Lady Gaga got us talking about having a healthy body image with the pic she posted of her recent weight gain along with the admission that she struggles with an eating disorder. Gaga said her goal was to "inspire bravery and breed some m$ther f--king compassion," which is just what she did. 

Unfortunately,  not everyone is on the Born This Way singer's bandwagon. An NYC politician spoke out calling Gaga a "slut" because of a recent incident where she smoked pot on stage in Amsterdam (totally legal there, BTW). We're not sure why he decided on that particular verbiage—but to each his own.

Will Gaga and Madonna be sharing a stage soon?! 

Speaking of totally inappropriate word choices, we also discussed Madonna's off-the-wall Barack Obama rant, where she boasted that we finally have a "black Muslim" in the White House. 

All this, plus the latest on whether or not Robsten is shacking up again! Be sure to watch the replay for exclusive domestic deets on the couple! 

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