Mayim Bialik, Miles, Frederick

Mayim Bialik's No. 1 green tip might sound a little dirty at first, but it does a lot of good in the end.

"I'm a total green nut," the eco-friendly actress tells us of conserving around the house. "We don't use paper towels at all. We use towels [and] we use old cloth diapers."

Really?! "They are incredibly absorbent," Bialik says.

Bialik says she's trying to pass along the green gene to her two sons, Miles, 6, and Frederick, 4.

"I'm also big on reducing in general," the Big Bang Theory star says. "Starting with our kids and teaching them that as early as possible. I think it's an important kind of general ecological lesson that there's not unlimited resources of anything, whether it's food or water or clothing or toilet paper. Those are important lessons to learn that I hope our kids will take with them always. "

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