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Magic is coming. Which means only one thing: Once Upon a Time is almost back with new episodes!

We talked to a certain evil queen about the ABC hit, who told us what her prerogative will be in season two. And we've got How I Met Your Mother scoop from someone who comes before the mother of all reveals, but just how long will she be with good ole Ted?

All that, plus scoop on CommunityTeen Wolf, NCIS and more in today's Spoiler Chat:

Darielle: Can't wait for Once Upon a Time to return! What can you tell me about season two?
Before the season-two premiere, we've got a little homework assignment for all the young'uns: Watch an episode of the classic show Bewitched! "Do you remember Aunt Clara? Who kind of did everything wrong and she was trying to use her magic and a huge elephant would end up in the living room?" Lana Parrilla aka Regina/Evil Queen teases. "That kind of happens a little bit in Storybrooke. Not that comedic, but magic is different in Storybrooke. It doesn't work quite the same way that it did in fairy-tale land." But what does the return of magic mean for Regina specifically? "It comes with its struggles. It's almost like the Tin Man, he's been asleep for a long time and needs to be oiled," she explains. "It's the same thing for Regina, she hasn't used magic in 28 years, so it's going to take her a little bit to get her mojo back." Let's just call this season: Once Upon a Time: How Regina Got Her Groove Back.

CeeCee: So if Ted knows that Victoria is the one, how long will she really stick around? I'm ready to meet the mother! #HIMYM
Longer than you think! "Ted and I are together and we're getting to sort of explore our relationship. And it is very romantic," Ashley Williams tells us. "We have a lot of fun together and that has been great. And then it is that combined with all the regular sort of hijinks that goes on with the show, which has been really fun to be a part of." But at least we saw the Mother's legs, right?

Carrie in Dallas: Your NCIS spoilers have been great! Can I have more?
Greedy, greedy, greedy! But we love you, so of course we'll keep the NCIS scoop coming. A little bit before halfway through the season we'll meet a new female character who is described as the "epitome of stunning sophistication." She joins the team to help on a case involving an abducted teenage girl, but she might stick around for longer than that if she likes what she sees around the office, if you catch our drift…

Danny Pudi, Community


Veronica: I hate that we have to wait so long for the new season of Happy Endings. Can you give me some ideas on storylines coming up?
We just got wind of a storyline with Alex that we're really excited about. It's a running joke that no one seems to shop at Xela, but this season will show a bump in her clothing store's status, because she'll sell a dress to a…wait for it…famous musician! We hope they get Taylor Swift on Happy Endings, because that would be epic. Also happening in this episode? Max goes on a journey to try and figure out exactly where he fits among all the different gay "categories."

Meghan in Bay Shore, N.Y.: Community scoop, please!
The NBC comedy is going old school. Or should we say Old School? A new fraternity is going to be popping up at Greendale, and yes, fans can expect a slew of hazing rituals, including one that involves diapers. Don't ask, just watch.

Tom: Loving Revolution! Got any scoop on what's ahead?
Viewers will meet a young and passionate rebel later in the season named Ashley, a girl who is more than tough enough to run with the big dogs, as well as a military leader who is always looking for a big victory in battle, even if it means facing extreme danger. (Josh Holloway, feel free to apply!)


Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf

Bob Mahoney/MTV

Sean: Going through Teen Wolf withdrawals. Got anything to ease the pain?
While we hate to enable your addiction, here's a small scoop for you: Though it seems like almost everyone in Beacon Hills has been let in on the big werewolf secret, there's still one beloved character in the dark. "It'll be a challenge next season to see how long they can keep the secret from Sheriff Stilinski," creator Jeff Davis teases. Still,Davis acknowledges that he'll probably be clued in pretty soon. "When characters don't know it gets harder and harder to involve them in the story" he admits. "At a certain point, people just have to know. It's all about being able to give more to those characters actually."

Adventuress78: Heavens to Betsy! Sons of Anarchy this season is full of surprises and we are only on episode three! I'm prepared to be wowed by any spoilers you can spill!
You thought last night's episode was a doozy? Just you wait. We wish we could "wow" you with more info other than that, but we wouldn't dare ruin what's coming up on SoA! But come back later today and we might have scoop from creator Kurt Sutter himself. OK, we definitely will.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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